See ((Balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO)).

Refers to the swelling of the foreskin, or head of the penis.

Symptoms of balanitis include swelling and redness of the foreskin may indicate balanitis and other symptoms may include:

tightened foreskin



pain in the genital area

painful skin on the penis

painful urination.

Affects roughly 1 in 20 males.

Occurs mostly in uncircumcised men.

It can be painful.

Usually not a serious process.but it typically isn’t serious.

Often relieved by using topical medication.

Usually caused by infections or chronic skin conditions.

Inadequate cleansing of the penis and too much cleansing can add to this problem.

Often caused by an overgrowth of either bacteria or yeast due to the foreskin of the penis trapping moisture.

Candidal balanitis is strongly associated with age over 40 years and diabetes mellitus.

Men older than 60 years are more likely to have Candida colonization.

Injuries on the tip of the penis or foreskin can cause swelling and discomfort, as well as irritation can also cause balanitis.

Irritation can be caused by:

not rinsing soap completely off the your penis

using scented soaps to clean

using bar soap that dries out the skin

using scented lotions or sprays on the penis

Fixed drug eruptions can can cause balanitis as a side effect and include some laxatives, sleeping pills, painkillers, and antibiotics.

Balanitis causes include:

reactive arthritis

uncontrolled diabetes

sexually transmitted infections like syphilis, trichomonas, and gonorrhea

Allergic dermatitis

Usually a clinical diagnosis, with manifestation of the above findings and symptoms.

Allergic balanitis can involve extreme itching, rash, hives, and inflamed skin. leading to scarring at the penis opening.

Treatment involves:

Discontinuing the use of all perfumed soaps, lotions, or powders, as they are often are a cause of foreskin irritation.

Prescribing a medicated anti-itch, anti inflammatory cream,

and antibiotic or antifungal medication if an infection is present.

A mixture of diluted vinegar and Burow’s solution applied to the area with a compress acts as an astringent, causing the skin to contract, helping to relieve irritation.

Topical steroids can also be helpful.

Complications of balanitis include:

scarring in the penis opening

painful foreskin retraction

inadequate blood supply to the penis

Phimosis from long-standing balanitis.

Preventing balanitis by practicing proper hygiene: Showering every day, especially after you sweat or engage in sexual intercourse, avoiding the use of perfumed or deodorizing products on the penis, and completely drying the penis after bathing

Most cases of balanitis can be resolved with improved hygiene and the use of topical medications.

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