Agents that a highly potent, rapidly eliminated antimalarial drugs with broad stage specificity of action.

They are the cornerstones of current anti-malarial treatments. 

Artesunate is the drug of choice for severe malaria.

Artemisinin combination therapy is a first line treatments for uncomplicated falciparum malaria and serve as alternatives to chloroquine for the other types of malaria.

Artemisinin resistance in P. Falciparum is caused by a single point mutation in the kelch13 gene in a suitable genetic background.

This mutation reduces susceptibility of young circulating parasites which clear more slowly from the blood then in the sensitive parasites after therapeutic doses of Artemisinin.

Recent studies suggest increase resistance to Artemisinin.

Artemisinin based combination therapies are used as first line treatment for falciparum malaria in countries where it is endemic.

Artemisinin based combination therapies associated with reduced global mobility and mortality from malaria.

Increasing incidence of resistance reflecting reduced susceptibility of the ring-stage parasites with slow parasite clearance

Resistance to falciparum is associated mutations in kelch13.

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