Antiphospholipid antibodies

Heterogeneous group of autoantibodies associated with thrombotic events and miscarriage.

Categorized into antibodies that prolong phospholipid dependent coagulation assays known as lupus anticoagulants, or cardiolipin antibodies which target a molecular congener of cardiolipin, which is a bovine cardiac protein.

The dRVVT is one component of a workup of a suspected antiphospholipid antibody.



Other component being the serological testing for anticardiolipin antibodies and anti-β2 glycoprotein-I antibodies using ELISA technology. 

The presence of antiphospholipid antibodies in patients with ischemic stroke does not predict either increased risk for subsequent vascular occlusive events over 2 years or a differential response to aspirin or warfarin therapy.

Found in 1-5% of healthy adults.

Prevalence among patients with SLE ranges from 12-30% for anticardiolipin antibodies and from 15-34% for lupus anticoagulant antibodies.

Found in infections such as HIV and can be a result of medications such as chlorpromazine.

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