Anorectal and pelvic pain

Refers to pain as a manifestation of several structural and functional disorders affecting the anus and rectum, urinary bladder, reproductive system, pelvic floor muscles and their innovation.

Functional pelvic pain cannot be explained by a structural or other specified pathological process.

Functional pelvic pain disorders are classified into anorectal, bladder, and prostate syndromes.

Functional anorectal disorders include proctalgia fugax, levator ani syndrome, and unspecified anorectal pain.

Functional bladder disorders include interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome and prostate syndromes which include chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome is primarily a diagnosis made in women, while chronic pelvic pain syndrome chronic prostatitis obviously exclusive to men.

Patients with levator ani syndrome, unspecified, and proctalgia fugax are the three categories of disorders of functional anorectal pain.

Levator ani syndrome is associated with tenderness on palpation of the levator ani muscle, but unspecified anal rectal pain is not.

Pain in proctalgia fugax is brief, lasting for seconds to minutes, and occurs frequently, about once a month or less.

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