One half to 80% of all amputations are diabetes-related.

Risk estimated 15-40 times higher among diabetics.

42,5000 nontraumatic amputations in the U.S. in 2004 with 87% somewhat related to neuropathy.

Lower limb amputation due to trauma or cancer affected an estimated 115,000 people in US in 2005.

About 50,000 amputations of the lower extremity performed each year in the US.

About one in six diabetics that develop a foot ulcer will have an amputation.

Approximately 50% of diabetic amputation can be prevented.

For diabetic lesions associated with a 5-17% morbidity during the operation and 2% to 23% will die within 30 days of surgery.

24% diabetic amputations are of the toe, 5.8% are midfoot, 38% are below the knee and 21.4% are above the knee; the remaining 10% include the hip, pelvis, knee and other sites.

Diabetic amputations more common in African-Americans and in men than women.

Reamputation will be required in 8% to 22% of the survivors, and 26% to 44% will require a contralateral amputation within 4 years.

As few as 5% of diabetics will be able to walk safely outside of their home on uneven surfaces.

The direct cost of a lower extremity amputation is estimated to be $30-60,000.

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