Amplatzer septal occluder

The Amplatzer occluder is used to treat cardiac septal defects. 

 It is a double metal basket shaped coil, introduced under fluoroscopic control using a special catheter that closes atrial septal defects or patent foramen ovale and solves the resulting left to right shunt.

The Amplatzer Septal Occluder is commonly used to close ASDs.

The ASO consists of two self-expandable round discs connected to each other with a 4-mm waist, made up of 0.004– to 0.005-inch Nitinol wire mesh filled with Dacron fabric.

The prevalence of residual defect is low.

The disadvantages are the thick profile of the device and concern related to a large amount of nickel-titanium compound  in the device and consequent potential for nickel toxicity.

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