Airway management

See((Tracheal intubation)) and ((Endotracheal intubation))


Airway management by emergency physicians, intensivists, and anesthesiologist dealing with unconscious patients is associated with significant difficulties that may lead to brain damage or death.



United kingdom study showed that one of 22,000 cases of tracheal intubation was associated with severe adverse airway management events in the operating room, such as death, brain damage, and need for an emergency surgical airway, or unplanned ICU admission.



The number of cases of airway management severe events maybe four times as high as indicated: one of 5500 cases.



Estimated incidence of adverse events associated with the airway management in the emergency department is higher  by a factor of 35 than  the incidence of adverse events associated airway management  in patients under anesthesia, and the incidence of adverse events in the ICU is higher by a factor of 55.



In healthy patients who undergo anesthesia for elective procedures, complications associated with the airway management is the leading cause of death of permanent brain damage.


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