• Tradename Aduhelm.
Approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease based on its ability to lower levels of beta-amyloid observable on positron emission tomographic brain imaging.
The beta-amyloid burden was lowered in approximately 1/3 of participants in aducanumab pivotal trials.
Its clinical value is doubtful, and has been withdrawn from the market.
Clinical trials have found vasogenic edema and cortical micro hemorrhages in about 40% of patients with high-dose treatment.
Prior clinical studies did not reach their primary efficacy endpoints.

Combining focused ultrasound to one side of the brain with infusions of Aducanumab cleared more amyloid beta plaque from those regions in theones that were targeted with medication alone.

Participants in the study, experienced a 32% reduction in amyloid beta levels. 

$56,000 per year cost (2021).

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