Acute and chronic kidney disease

Encompasses the spectrum of disorders defined by measures of kidney structure, function, disease to duration, irrespective of the cause of kidney disease.

The aging population and the obesity epidemic are leading to a growing burden of acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease globally.

Acute and chronic kidney disease are associated with a higher risk of adverse outcomes and death, as compared with no kidney disease.

The prevalence of chronic kidney disease among adults in the US is 11.5% and up to 40% among 70 years of age or older.

The prevalence of kidney failure that requires replacement therapy is 0.2%.

Worldwide prevalence of chronic kidney disease is 9.1%, representing approximately 700 million people.

The annual number of deaths from kidney failure is 1.2 million with an additional 1.4 million deaths due to cardiovascular disease attributed to chronic kidney disease, thus  4.6% of all deaths are due to chronic kidney disease.


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