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Advertising with us is an opportunity to reach people of means who wield tremendous social influence — many are business owners and leaders in their professional circles and local communities. We’ve found that our visitors are a particularly influential and well-connected network of doctors, patients, professors and students, researchers, investors, business and sales associates, scientists, academics, and people from around the world with a genuine need for true and complete medical information*.

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Standard of Care is a gold mine of niche medical topics, so your content will only be presented in highly relevant settings. Our team designs and creates display ads and promote content that maximize user engagement and can be customized to fit any size budget. Powered by Benjamin Marketing (and Google), Standard of Care optimizes the placement and visibility of your content based on original market research, data science, and usage analytics. We're excited to help you present your story and confident that Standard of Care can deliver a profitable promotion and outreach campaign.

Targeting the right market

Today’s web audience is more educated than ever and has access to a near-infinite volume of information. This is especially true of the many thousands who frequent Standard of Care. Our vast collection of highly specialized medical and pharmaceutical topics have proven user interest*.

Partnering with Standard of Care

Standard of Care is a results-driven and uniquely profitable investment that will increase your web presence and improve your market reach. Contact us with any questions you may have, or tell us about your advertising, promotional, sponsorship, or nonprofit ideas. Send us an email at or use our contact form to get in contact with us.

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